Pink City College of nursing, Jaipur have separate hostels facility for accomodation of boys & girls. The room of hostels are well furnished & having pleasant environment for learners as per INC norms. The constant presence of student-friendly wardens for guidance and counseling is a source of comfort and encouragement to students who are away from parental guidance and support system. Students from all over India, sharing rooms and other amenities with each other, help promote a feeling of unity and a sense of national integration.

The Hostel has facilities of mess, purified drinking water, clean toilets, hygenic Surroundings visiting room, warden room, staff room, recreation room with T.V, laundry, study room, infirmary with two beds, kitchen a store and dining room etc.

Medical facilities

College conducts regular health check-ups on the campus to safeguard the students.It provide personal medical attention all the Students when they required.College bears the medical expenses in case of emergency, which is required to be paid later.

Transport Facilities

The college has owned bus services for the clinical/ educational visits of the students to fulfill the partial requirement of different cirricular activities.


The heart of every Institute, the library, serves as a knowledge and information data-bank. It owns a rich collection of various national and international journals, periodicals and books, providing a good cross-section of text and reference material on the subjects of general and specific interests to the students of dental science, nursing, physiotherapy & occupational therapy. It has also subscribed to all the leading national and local leading newspapers & magazines. Apart from theoretical reference it also offers practical assistance through audio-video reference material related to dental and medical studies. Moreover, the library has adequate number of academic books, sufficient for the student's up to final year. The library provides students with a spacious reading hall having a well-suited environment for reading & learning . Besides, the students have free access to internet so that they can interact with the experts throughout the world.

Computer lab

We are living in the electronic age. As health care is an area that has been greatly influenced by the information technology, it is imperative that nurses should be well acquainted with computers and their use in the care of patients. It also enhances provision for internet access which keeps update with the changes and challenges in their professional and personal avenue. Facilities are available for students to browse information on the web during their project works, care studies, seminars and other presentations, the facility

Anatomy and Microbiology lab.

Anatomy lab is designed for the exploration and dissection of various structures. The laboratory has a collection of human skeleton, specimens of different parts of the body, models, dummies, simulations, audio video CDs and charts

Microbiology lab. has adequate number of different types of microscopes, slides and other equipments to facilitate learning.

Nutrition Lab.

Nutrition lab. is well furnished and equipped with cooking facilities where students learn preparation of various therapeutic and normal diet.

MCH Lab.

MCH lab is designed for students to appreciate the concepts and principles of obstetric nursing. The MCH lab is equipped and furnished with birthing simulators, obstetric manikins, infant manikins, real objects and models of all kinds.

Community Health Lab.

The college provides both urban and rural community health nursing field experience for the students. The urban center is attached to Holy Cross Hospital- Ambikapur. The rural center is at village Semra that is within a distance of 13 km from the college. It has residential facilities for accommodating 50 students and staff.

Our Courses
Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM)
Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing
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